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Business Analysis

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Course Description The Business Analysis discipline is an area in the Information Technology space that has been growing exponentially over the last 20 years. Businesses have realised that there is a need for the business to gain value from its IT projects. Traditionally IT projects were very technically driven and the technical departments would implement systems that were very technology focused and hence not user friendly enough for staff in a non-technical role to use. This situation spurred the need for the involvement of more non-technical staff in the development of IT systems. As most staff still have a day job to perform, it becomes difficult for them to dedicate the time required to the project. This is where the Business Analyst comes in to act as a bridge between the business world and the technical world. Learning Outcomes With Shields, you will get a three-day practical training course on Business Analysis: Case studies and practical exercises to apply the principles of Business analysis Training materials Teas, coffees and lunches in an executive training venue One month mentorship and CV preparation post the training course

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